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Inventory REDUCTION!
NO walk-Ins. We are not taking ANY walk-ins.
See Contact page for address and phone.

IN-PERSON ADOPTION Appointments Will STOP as of the end of day on June 5th. We realize even more, from all the hundreds of responses, that this is definitely a niche in our society that we are able to assist with. Thank you music lovers for supporting our community!

Much to our surprise, we have cleared nearly all our piano inventory in our warehouse. However, we are developing an online "Virtual Adoption Gallery" on our website to be launched very soon. We will be posting pianos that other families are needing to re-home for free. We will no longer house pianos in our warehouse, but will make searching pianos in one location still an option, only virtually. We want to continue to connect families to pianos so no piano ends up in the landfill. We are a complete piano service and continue to offer moving services, evaluations, tunings, or other restoration work. 

Please check our website in the near future for information and updates on the "Virtual Piano Gallery". Again we are sorry we were not able to meet with you in person. Thank you again for your interest in adopting a piano, and we still hope we will be able to help you find the  right piano for you with our gallery.

Please wear a mask.
Keep pianos out of the landfill and get 'em back in the living room.
Save the pianos and the planet.
A house isn't a home without a piano!
These pianos have a lot of character, and beautiful wood. These older uprights, made before WWII, were made with the best materials and craftmanship. With a little love and attention,
they are restored back to life, and sound and feel great.
These are just a few of the hundreds we have. 
Some of these pianos need more work than others, but they all have the
potential to be beautiful pianos! 

With having over 35 years of experience as a piano tuner and technician, Stephen Merriman has discovered a needed niche in our society for the restoration of older pianos; we give them a new life. The Complete Piano model makes available high-quality instruments at a lower cost. The restoration process brings pianos back to life and function once again as a viable musical instrument.


Pianos made in the pre-war times were made with the best materials and craftsmanship of the times, as in all products made during this time. As with other products, “economical” shortcuts were introduced into our society which also introduced man-made materials that made certain parts of the piano break down as well as affect the sound quality. Currently, many of the new budget pianos are made with inferior materials and craftsmanship of these older pianos. You cannot buy the same quality of instrument unless you are in the higher budget range.


Many satisfied people have had their personal piano go through this process, and they have fallen in love with their pianos even more (many of which were headed to the landfill as the other option). With the experience of working on these older pianos for many years, Stephen has demonstrated that these pianos are beautiful, high quality instruments, that are very playable once they’ve gone through the restoration process. There are variations in quality and sound as the different piano companies changed and our economy changed throughout the post-war times, but each piano still can find a home and a purpose once it has been restored and functioning to the best of its capabilities again.


PianoDisc Baby Grand


Serial #G 070360; PD 520
Player Piano with electronic floppy diskette player. Glossy Ebony with matching bench.


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These pianos below are NO longer available. Updates for our

Virtual Adoption Gallery  COMING SOON!


(Coming Soon)



Large Uprights


Baby Grands


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