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Rescue - Rehome - Rehab

Adopt a FREE Piano

from our
Virtual Piano Gallery!
(Click on photos below to see gallery
for each piano type)
More Images Coming Soon !

We are waiting for more pianos to become available. 

Each piano photo includes a link to the contact person for that piano. You must contact the owner (unless listed otherwise) to inquire about the piano you are interested in. 


Merrimans' Complete Piano Service will include the MINIMUM moving fee estimate for each piano, if you wish to use us as your mover. Distance and environmental factors may add to the minimum estimate fee. We do not move outside an hour radius of South Bend. Some homes require only professional piano movers for the re-homing process.

To continue the adoption program, we have developed an online "Virtual Adoption Gallery" on our website. We will post FREE PIANOS that other families are needing to re-home. We will no longer house pianos in our warehouse, but will make searching pianos in one location still an option, only virtually. We want to continue to connect families to pianos so no piano ends up in the landfill. We are a complete piano service and continue to offer moving services, evaluations, tunings, and other restoration work. Please click on the piano images below, or on the menu above, to link to the galleries.

Please keep checking our website updates on the "Virtual Piano Gallery". Thank you again for your interest in adopting a piano, and we still hope we will be able to help you find the  right piano for you with our gallery.

Keep pianos out of the landfill and get 'em back in the living room.
Save the pianos and the planet.
A house isn't a home without a piano!

Virtual Adoption Gallery
(Gallery is updated frequently)

Spinet drawinfg--Merrimans_Complete_Pian

36" - 40 " / 40 " - 43"

More coming soon

Click on the image to go the Gallery


Studio upright-edges-Merrimans_Complete_
Studio Uprights

44" - 48"
More coming soon

Click on the image to go the Gallery


Full-Sized Uprights


49" & above
More coming soon

Click on the image to go the Gallery


Petite = 4' 5" - 5' 4"

Parlor = 5' 5" - 5' 11"

Standard =  6' - 6' 5"

Semi-Concert = 6' 6" - 7' 5"

Concert = 7' 6" - 9 ' & above


Click on the image to go the Gallery

Baby Grands/Grands



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