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Piano Re-Homing Information

Rescue - Re-home

Piano Re-Homing Information Form
Best way for people to contact you:
What Kind of piano is it ?
If your piano is a GRAND, what size is it ?
Is a free bench included ?
Do you want only professional piano movers moving it out of your home ?
Are there any flights of stairs (over 6 steps) involved ?
Stair steps up the porch to the door ?
Additional stair steps from sidewalk to porch ?
Please select all that apply to area where piano will be moved from:
Upload Photo of Piano & Bench
Photo of Keyboard and Decal
Photo of Inside Bottom
Upload Photo of Piano & Bench
Photo of Action (inside lid)
Additional Photo

Thanks for submitting! We will upload the information after we review it.

If you wish to re-home your piano to another family, we will advertise it for FREE in our Virtual Adoption Gallery. We are not doing sales or consignments, only pianos that are FREE to a new home. It’s a way to add new life to these pianos, so they do not end up in the landfill. We cannot come and pick it up from your home, until it has a new home to go to. You are fostering it until it finds a new home. We have had so many inquiries about this program, that we feel we will successfully be able to help you re-home your piano. Your piano can live on in another family's home!

We have ENDED our program where we pick up pianos and store them in our warehouse. We will no longer have that storage capability. However, we are offering the service to display pianos, such as yours, online, in a virtual gallery. People can go to our gallery and look at the pianos available in the community, and if they select your piano, your contact information will be listed with your photos so they can connect to you directly, either by email or phone (email may be best if you do not wish to receive many calls). You must let us know if you find a new home for your piano, so we can then remove it from the gallery (otherwise you'll continue to receive inquiries!).


If you only want professional piano movers moving the piano out of your home to eliminate any chance of damage, then the new owners could hire us. They pay for the move, not you. We've added questions about the move in the form below, so we can provide an estimate for the move with your posting. They could also hire us to evaluate it (if they change their minds, and the piano still remained available, that information would be added to the description). We are a complete piano service, so also provide tuning, reconditioning/regulation, and other restoration work.

Please fill out and submit the FORM BELOW to send your information to us. You can submit individual photos through the upload link. If that will not work for you, you may email photos to


This is what we need:


1.  Photos of piano and bench, front view, and angled view. (if it includes bench)


​2.  Close up photo of name decal and keys.

3.  Photo of inside action, lid up, and if you know how to take the kick board off the bottom, that would be good to have that photo as well.

4.  Serial number on the inside plate (we can get a year for it then). Open the lid and look for an oval opening in the metal plate near the top, and the  number should be embedded in the wood inside that opening.



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