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Regular tuning and maintenance is essential for enhancing the performance of your piano. Ideally, pianos should be tuned every six months. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the piano, its home environment, and its playing history determine its needs. The minimum requirement expected is one tuning per year. Since piano parts are made of wood, tuning is affected by changes in humidity.

A pitch raise is an additonal tuning required to help a piano maintain its pitch of A-440. This is often required for a piano that hasn't been tuned, or maintained, in a long time and needs to stabilize. Regular tuning and maintenance will help a piano remain stable, sound good, feel good to play, and make playing the piano much more enjoyable, for all levels of performance.

Some pianos require the installation of a humidification control system (Dampp-Chaser System) to protect it from humidity fluctuations. This is especially important for pianos kept in larger rooms with changing temperatures and humidity. The humidity control system helps stabilize the pitch and allows the piano to hold its tuning better and longer, it helps the action parts work optimally, and it minimizes felt deterioration. Please refer to this link for for more information.


Tuning: $75
Pitch Raise: $50
Travel fee may apply outside of South Bend and Mishawaka.



Mary Merriman
Office Manager

Stephen Merriman

Piano Tuner & Technician

Stephen Merriman, Piano Tuner

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