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Century Center: From piano tuning to reconditioning and rebuilding, from installation to refinishing; Merrimans’ Complete Piano Service is trusted to tune all four of Century Center Convention Center's pianos. Stephen Merriman's abundant knowledge and over a decade of piano service expertise is why Stephen is our preferred sponsor.”

David Banga, SBCRC: "I will unreservedly recommend Stephen Merriman of Merrimuse Enterprises for any piano tuning, repair, or conditioning job. In addition to being supremely satisfied with Stephen's regular maintenance and tuning of the five pianos in our facility, I've watched him bring repair and recondition pianos that seemed ready for the trash. His finishing work is excellent also. And if your piano needs any regulation or voicing, Stephen's care, patience, and prodigious skill make him the right choice for you."

Merrimans' Complete Piano Service - Stephen Merriman, Piano Tuner



Mary Merriman
Office Manager

Stephen Merriman

Piano Tuner & Technician


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