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Let the piano technicians move your piano. Our primary concern is caring for your piano. We have the right knowledge, equipment, and skill to move your piano safely and efficiently, in many tricky situations. Stephen, a piano technician, has over thirty years experience moving pianos. We can also tune the piano. You want to give the piano time to acclimate to the new environment before tuning. Tuning is an additional fee of $75 (plus a travel fee may apply if you are outside the South Bend area).

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Moving Service:
Estimated cost provided by individual assessment. 

Please provide information for pick-up location and delivery location:

- Type/size of piano
- A
- Flights of stairs; condition of stairs
- Type of flooring
Stair steps up the porch
- Number of steps up the doorway
- Walkway type
- Driveway/parking accessibility
- Any unusual environmental situations



Mary Merriman
Office Manager

Stephen Merriman

Piano Tuner & Technician

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