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Climate Control System Installation

Some pianos require the installation of a humidification control system to protect it from humidity fluctuations. This is especially important for pianos kept in rooms with changing temperatures and humidity. This is more critical in churches, schools, and extended care facilities, where the thermostat changes are more frequent and more extreme.

We use the Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser. This system helps protect your piano by controling the humidy levels using a humidifier and dehumidifier connected to a humidistat. It keeps the wood from swelling or shrinking too much, minimizes glue failure, prevents rust on strings and metal parts, and minimizes felt deterioration. The benefits of this system include stabilizing the pitch to allow the piano to hold its tuning better and longer, it helps the action parts work optimally, reduces harsh tones from flattened hammer felts in low humidity, and muffled tones from swollen hammer felts in high humidity. It also helps protect from cracking and splitting of wooden parts, and veneer finishes, in extreme conditions. A controlled humidity environment will improve the feel of the piano when touched. The action will be more responsive (the higher the humidity, the more sluggish the action becomes when the wood swells), and keys will not get "stuck".

If you would like more information about this system, or would like to set up an appointment for Stephen to install one, please contact us. This system is available for uprights and grand pianos.


Please call for an estimate for the installation fee and price of the unit.



Mary Merriman
Office Manager

Stephen Merriman

Piano Tuner & Technician

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